In Metis you are able to download a Xero-friendly extract of your company's expenses, which you can import directly into Xero to aid with your reconciliations.

- Who can download the export?

- Why can't I download an export?

- How can I re-download an export?

Who can download the export?

This is available only to Admins, who can access the Manage and Settings Zones in Metis. To see more about Permissions, click here.

Why can't I download an export?

When trying to download an export, you may see a message saying there is nothing to export.


The reason you see this message is because expense claims in Metis can only be exported to a Xero-friendly csv once. The date which the claim was exported will show in Metis in the Xero Extract column.


Another reason you may see this message is that you can only export expense claims with a status of Approved. To read more about how the Xero-friendly extracts work, click here.

How can I re-download an export?

To re-download an export of claims that already have been exported, click View Extract History on Metis, where you can see a list of all previous exports for you to re-download.

Using the date shown in the Xero Extract column, you can locate your past export and re-download it.View_extract_history

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