While using Metis, perhaps you come across something that doesn't work as you think it should be. Maybe a page looks odd, but you're not sure what to do?

This article contains:

Common issues

Everyone uses Metis in different ways, and therefore the solutions to many observed problems can vary.

We've designed Metis to be easy to use, even when debugging! So we've put together a quick checklist of tests you can do, which you can use in the first instance upon encountering a problem. You may be able to resolve your issue yourself with minimal fuss, so you can get back to doing what you do best. These can be done in any order, but we've put them in a logical one when trying to debug yourself.

Issue Type
Checking your situation
Please try this to check if this resolves your issue

Are you using Metis in more than one tab?
Try closing all but one tab of Metis. Then, hard refresh your cache (Ctrl + F5 for Windows, and Cmd + Shift + r for a Mac).
Have you refreshed your cache recently?
Hard refresh your cache (Ctrl + F5 for Windows, and Cmd + Shift + r for a Mac).
Do you have many plugins installed in your browser?
Double-check that your plugins are disabled in your browser. Using an incognito window may also resolve this issue. 
Are you using a browser other than Google Chrome?
Try logging out of Metis on your current browser, and logging into Metis in Google Chrome.
Are you using a standard browser window or an incognito window?

Try logging out of Metis on your current browser window, and logging into Metis on an incognito browser window.

My issue still isn't resolved. How can I contact support?

So now you're logged into Metis in:

  • One tab
  • Incognito-mode
  • Google Chrome
  • With your plugins disabled
  • And you've already hard refreshed your cache?

If you've not resolved your issue, perhaps it's something we need to help you with. You can contact support in the following ways:

  1.  Log into our support portal and create a support ticket
  2.  Send an email to support@getmetis.com (will create a support ticket automatically for you

What can you do to help us investigate your issue? ► [?]

Whenever you contact support, we ask that you document your issue and include that when you contact us. This helps us investigate faster, so allows us to fix your issue quicker!

This can be:

  • Video screen capture in any format (our preference)
    • you can use Quicktime on a Mac (free and pre-installed)
    • you can use the Screen Recording function on Windows (Press the Windows key and G, and then "Yes")
  • Screenshots
  • Screenshot of any errors observed in the browser

What do we mean by a screenshot of 'any errors observed in the browser'? Watch this short gif to see how to open the developer console in your browser.


This can be found by:

  1. Clicking the three dots in the corner of your browser window (Google Chrome)
  2. Select More Tools
  3. Select Developer Tools
  4. Make sure the Console tab is visible (look for red text)
  5. Take your screenshot

When you open the developer console, there will be some lines of red writing. Take a screen or video capture of this too and send this to us along with your query.

Didn't find what you need in this article? You can submit a support ticket or send an email to support@getmetis.com.