When creating a job or an opportunity in Metis, you'll make some important decisions, which affect how you're able to monitor the job/opportunity's progress through its duration.

You first need to decide on:

  • the Job/Opportunity Type

 And later once the job/opportunity has been created, how you plan to drive the budgets:

  • is this Job/Opportunity 'revenue-driven' or 'effort-driven'?

This article contains:

What's the difference between revenue-driven and effort-driven?

At this stage, you should have already decided what Type your Job/Opportunity is. If you've not yet created your job/opportunity, please read this article first on Type.

Now, you can decide how you'd like to drive your budgets. This can be done in two ways:

  • revenue-driven (from the top down)
  • effort-driven (from the bottom up)

Metis by default makes your job/opportunity revenue-driven. You can choose to make it effort-driven instead, by ticking the box in the Resource Plan as shown below:


  • A revenue-driven job/opportunity means that the Resource Plan doesn't affect the finances of the job/opportunity. 
  • An effort-driven job/opportunity means that the Resource Plan drives the financials of the job/opportunity.


In either case, the Resource Plan determines who can charge time and expenses to the job/opportunity. If you're creating a revenue-driven job/opportunity you will still need to create a line in the Resource Plan for each person who needs access, but you don't need to specify the number of effort days they will commit.

If however you've chosen to make your job/opportunity effort-driven then you will need to specify a total number of effort days, and make sure that you have up to date internal People costs and charge-out rates in the Resource Plan (see above image).


How does this choice affect what I see in Metis?

Click here to read the article on how this choice affects what you see on the Forecast tab of your job/opportunity.

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