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Update job duration

Navigate to the Budget tab of a job/opportunity to update job duration. 
You can get here from Zones > Jobs/Opportunities, or by clicking the item you wish to update from your Homepage (if you are a job/opportunity lead).


To edit any information on this page you need to be in Edit mode. Click Edit in the top right-hand corner to enter edit mode.


The Job Duration section tells you:

  • The job's duration

Checking the spreading mode - budgets ► [?]


Before updating your job duration, it's a good idea to check the settings of the Edit Pencil for each category. If the Edit pencil is set to Manual Mode, you should change this to auto-spread or fixed fee before updating Job Duration.


If your Edit pencil is set to manual mode, we advise you change this to any other setting before updating your job duration. Why? When you select Manual mode, you're telling Metis you want a customised revenue spread. Because of that choice, Metis can no longer help you if you wish to edit of the duration of the job, because it doesn't know how you'd like to re-spread your custom revenue.

To update the job's start or end date, click the duration box and to open up the calendar.

To use the calendar, first select the start date on the left calendar, and then the end date on the right calendar. The duration of the job will be highlighted in grey.


Press Save at the bottom of the page and you're done!

You might find you can't change job duration, so Metis will pop up with a message why that is. Read below to find out more about what that message means.


Changing a job's duration will automatically update the resource allocation dates for key roles - Job Lead and Job Exec. These go hand in hand with the duration dates and cannot be manually edited.

Checking the spreading mode - resource plan


If your job/opportunity is Time & Materials and is effort-driven , then you should review the effort spreading mode before updating your job duration.

When you select auto-spread of a total effort value, or a fixed effort target per week for any roles, Metis remembers your choices and will re-apply your choices whenever the base job/opportunity undergoes a change.

Updating your job/opportunity duration is a change, therefore any roles whose role duration will be affected by a job/opportunity duration change (e.g. key roles such as Lead and Exec), will have their role durations updated, and their effort re-spread over this new duration.

1. On the Budget tab of your job or opportunity, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Resource Plan.

2. Click the edit pencil against the key roles (Lead and Exec) to check the mode.

3. If you do not want this setting to be re-applied when you change the overall duration, change this mode to manual.



If your job/opportunity is T&M and effort-driven, and you re-spread your effort across the new duration of key roles, this may affect your budgets.


If you have It varies by week - I'll enter it manually selected, and you shift the duration of your job way out of range of the original duration, you may lose any effort you've entered. Because you've specified that you'll enter manually, Metis can't anticipate what you want to do with the effort.

I can't change job duration - why?

If you're trying to change the duration of the job, but you receive an error message that looks like this:


That's because someone assigned to the job has already submitted time against it which exists for the time which you are trying to remove, by changing the duration. You need to either:

  • delete the time submitted against the job (only can be done with Admin access through Manage)
  • keep the duration to include the time already submitted

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