Yes, you can. Get the Metis Mobile App and you can...

  • Do your timesheet          
          Fill out and submit your timesheets on the go. You can fill out the same timesheet through the week on your mobile and on the web.
  • Do your expenses  
    Create, edit and submit your current claim.  Start a claim on the web version of Metis and finish it on the mobile app - and vice versa
  • Upload receipt photos
    Take photos of receipts so they’re ready and waiting in your My Receipt Library when you do expenses on the web, or attach them directly to your expenses on the app
  • Everything automatically syncs with Metis on the web so when you log on to the website it's all up to date

In this article:

How to download the app

Get the app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded it you’ll need to Follow the download instructions as prompted. Llogin using your Metis account details (the same ones you use to login on the web).

App_store_button     Google_play_store_button

Which devices and operating systems are supported?

Metis is supported on the following systems:

iOS 8.0 or later 

Android 4.4 or later


Keep the app up to date otherwise you'll miss improvements and new features.

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