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A person's profile in Metis contains all of the specific information about that person, which relates to something in Metis. From someone's profile you can update information such as:

Update a person's profile ►

To update someone's profile, navigate to the People Zone, locate their profile and enter in edit mode.


Can't access the People Zone? You may not have permission. Contact your Metis Administrator to clarify this.

Once there, you can edit any of the above information.



Don't forget to Save before leaving the page!edit_mode


The email address I've just updated isn't showing as updated - why?

When you update someone's email address on their profile and save the page, the old email address may remain on their profile and on the hover on the People list page, until the person has accepted their confirmation email change email.

If the email address doesn't update, it's likely that the person hasn't yet confirmed their new email address. Please ask the person to check their inbox for this link, and click through to acceptance. Then you will see their email address has been updated on their profile, and on the People list page.

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