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Deleting time entered for a day/job

Your timesheet on Metis will show you your available working week, and allow you to add jobs to it, and hours worked for those jobs.


If you've added some time to your timesheet that you want to remove, enter a value of 0 hours in the box of the day/job you wish to remove.



Can't find a Save button? Metis timesheets are autosaved, so there is no need to worry.

Removing a job from my timesheet

To remove a whole job from the week's timesheet, click the Minus icon on the left-hand side of the job you want to remove.remove_job_timesheet


If you remove a job from a week's timesheet, you won't be able to add any time against that job for the entire week. If in doubt, just 0 out the hours for a particular day as described above.

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