The Forecast tab is the place where you can compare the original plan for your jobs (the budget) with what's actually happened based on submitted timesheets and expenses (actuals). The forecast tab for each job shows what Metis expects it to return in terms of revenue, cost and margin, using all information submitted until the present date.


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As forecasts in Metis rely on actuals (timesheets and expense claim completion), it's an important to remember that if you have missing timesheets or expense claims for a job, it may affect the forecast values you are seeing. The compliance overview in the snapshot (earlier in this article) will give you an indicator of how big this effect may be. 

compliance_snapshotIf there are several missing timesheets, this may cause the forecast revenue and cost figures to appear lower than they are, as Metis is still waiting on some information.

When looking at an individual's contribution to this job on the Forecast tab, click the Eye icon to open the monthly/weekly breakdown. if there are any missing compliance items such as timesheets or expenses, Metis will tell you. You'll see a grey compliance bubble highlighting exactly which timesheets are missing for this person.


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